Trail main hiking@2x Bokhultet's red loop

Hike or trail-run on this trail through this beautiful leafy forest out to Borgmästarudden cape. There are many trails and roads in the Bokhultet nature reserve that make for great recreation. The red route goes to the eastern part of the reserve on narrow trails, whilst the western part is easier to walk. This is a 3.1 kilometre long loop amidst the tranquillity of Bokhultet.

Difficulty: Blue - medium
To do:
  • Trail main hiking@2x Hiking
  • Trail main trailrunning@2x Trail running
  • Trail main near parking@2x Near parking
Length: 3.1 km

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Bokhultets röda slinga är belägen i Bokhultets naturreservat. Bokhultet ligger knappt två kilometer sydväst om Växjö centrum.

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