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Mörrum is one of ARK56’s hubs, the westernmost. The hubs are where different trails intersect, making them a good place to start or end your adventure – or to swap mode of transport and continue exploring the Blekinge Archipelago by bike, kayak, boat, ferry or on foot.

The river Mörrumsån’s waters are world-famous for salmon fishing, but you can still see the remains of the large-scale fishing industry that was run here in the past. Further north, the same watercourse is called Helge å, but it becomes Mörrumsån once it has passed the lake and Åsnen National Park.

The forest meets the sea here, and the area is perfect for walking and kayaking. If you follow the river to the sea, you reach Elleholm, the site of the historical town of Sjöborg. Today it is where the ARK56’s kayaking trail starts, or ends.

Where the river meets the sea, the Blekinge Archipelago and ARK56 spread out in front of you. Round the cape or headland, a unique environment awaits, shaped by nature, animals and people for thousands of years.

Here ARK56 and the Blekinge Archipelago are at your feet, and round the cape or headland, a unique environment awaits, shaped by nature, animals and people for thousands of years.

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    4–5 days | Karlskrona – Listerby archipelago – Ekenläs/Karön – Järnavik – Mörrum

    ARK56 Feb 01

    An ARK56 de-luxe tour taking you through much of the biosphere reserve and letting you experence the Blekinge Archipelago at sea and on land, by foot and on two wheels, across the open sea, through the forest and along the shore of the Mörrumsån river. You don’t need your own kayak or bike, you can hire them here. The route starts and ends at Trossö, in the middle of the World Heritage Naval Town of Karlskrona and close to the central station. Day 1 | Kayak (hired), Kar...

  • Qk4a34q984lgfjpgvc5g

    Friluftsvecka och invigning av ARK56!

    May 14

    Nu är det dags! För att visa alla aktiviteter och möjligheter i Blekinge Arkipelag kör vi igång en Friluftsvecka som vi avslutar med invigningen av ARK56 - vi ses väl där? (PS. Klicka gärna dig in på vår Facebook sida och följ oss, läs mer om evenemangen och klicka i att du kommer!)

  • Gtxbtvw0etvxopdunnyr

    Sailing ARK56

    ARK56 Aug 31

    The ARK56 sailing trail is a recommended route that pilots you in between the islands and helps you to find peaceful natural moorings and an easy route through the unique Blekinge Archipelago, where the sea meets the forest and the islands have been grazed and farmed for thousands of years. The sailing trail connects to most of the 13 hubs in ARK56 so once you have tied up, there are excellent opportunities to extend the adventure on foot, by bike or by kayak. The ARK56 ap...

  • L8yaxzvirmzh3vbtmbod

    Kayaking ARK56

    ARK56 Sep 17

    The ARK56 kayaking trail runs through the whole of the Blekinge Archipelago. There’s one joined-up trail and lots of shorter loops too. Glide between skerries, round islands and following the shore of promontories through a world heritage site and a unique archipelago where the forest runs all the way down to the shore. Magnificent oak trees shade peaceful coastal meadows and the app comes up with suggested routes, loops and places to stop for a break, as well as accommod...