Shooting Ranges, Military Training Areas and Protected Military installations

By ARK56 2019-04-27


These are the shooting ranges and military training areas used by the Naval Base in Blekinge. When the Swedish Defence Forces are not using these areas, they are generally open to the public and in many cases are popular areas for outdoor recreation. Maps of the shooting ranges and military training areas can be found at the link below.

You will always find up-to-date information about exercises and risk to the public using the link on this page. If you are a frequent visitor to these areas, please bookmark the site. Note that activities may change at short notice and the road barriers and information boards at the location itself always take precedence. Never pass a barrier if we have lowered it across the road. It means there is a danger of death. Many of the shooting ranges also fly a red flag to show that dangerous activities are in progress. A red flag will not be flown for activities involving firing blanks. Use the contact details on the maps via the link for more information. Although we take as much care as we can, dangerous material may be found in the area in the form of unexploded ordnance (UXO). This can be very dangerous and you should therefore never touch any unidentified object.


Protected military installations areas are part of the protection of Sweden and subject to access bans and bans on photography. Accessing a protected installation without permission may result in a fine or imprisonment.

A protected installation area is a site or object that has been declared a protected installation under the Swedish Installations Protection Act. This means that access by the general public is restricted. Protected installations include Stockholm Royal Palace, regiments and other military areas, ports or other buildings, facilities or areas that are essential to society.

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