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    Mountain safety

    May 09

    The mountains offer fantastic experiences. But the weather, the terrain and injuries can also lead to risk filled situations. Here we have collected important information about safety in the mountains. Leave your itinerary It is important to inform someone about your mountain tour . Tell a friend, relative or someone else about your plan itinerary and estimated time of return. Then someone can sound the alarm tool if you do not return according to plan. You can also leave...

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    Tips for the tour

    Norrbottens län May 08

    We have assembled some tips that make your mountain tour safer and more enjoyable. Choose the right equipment Choose lightweight clothes that protect against the wind and wet, and which breathe when you get warmer. You need to be able to wear several layers of clothing to allow adapting to wind and weather. Good equipment need not be expensive, and a wisely packed backpack should not be too heavy. Below we have collected links to suggestions for packing lists. Prevent an...

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    Reindeer husbandry and Sámi culture

    Norrbottens län May 07

    Our mountain range is sometimes called Europe's last wilderness. But this, of course, is not the case. The mountains are a Sámi cultural landscape, marked by many centuries of reindeer foraging. As you hike in the mountains you will discover traces of people who have lived and used the land long before us. The green and verdant meadows and the mountain moors that a mountain hiker encounters are the result of thousands of years of reindeer foraging and migration. Reindeer ...

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    The Right of Public Access

    Norrbottens län May 06

    ‘Don’t disturb – Don’t destroy’ Thanks to the Right of Public Access we are all entitled to be in nature. But it is freedom with responsibility, with both rights and obligations. We may roam practically anywhere in nature if we show consideration and do not disturb or destroy. We must not damage the surroundings or disturb wildlife and flora or other people living or present there. It is our common responsibility to use this custom considerately. The Right of Public Acce...

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    Waste and stuff

    Norrbottens län May 05

    What shall I do with the waste? Litter injures animals and people, spreads chemicals and affects outdoor life and the tourist industry in a highly negative way. Above all, littering is banned in Sweden. The ban applies in places the public has access to and which are in public view, and it applies to everyone – even the owner of the land. It is primarily the individuals, you and I, who are responsible for not littering in the mountains. Always have a waste bag packed for ...

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    National parks and nature reserves

    Norrbottens län May 04

    Today there are primarily two ways to protect nature in Sweden: as a national park or a nature reserve. A National Park offers the strongest protection. This protection is given only to a small number of scenic and extremely valuable areas. Together, the national parks form an entity of nature types which are typical for and unique to Sweden. By protecting them we can preserve our common natural and cultural heritage. In Sweden, there are 30 national parks, eight of which...

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    Getting here

    Norrbottens län May 03

    You can get to Norrbotten by train, plane, bus or car. If you take the train, it is often possible to combine the rail ticket with a bus or coach to get to your final destination. Good starting points by train if you are going to the mountains include Abisko, Kiruna, Gällivare and Murjek. The biggest airports in the county are in Luleå and Kiruna. Train SJ, train from Stockholm to Narvik. Norrtåg, train service between Kiruna and Luleå. Inlandsbanan, runs in the summer ...

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    About the Swedish Tourist Association

    Norrbottens län May 01

    The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) and is a not for profit member organisation with roughly 235,000 members. The purpose of the organisation is to promote tourism in Sweden, and encourage more people to explore the country. The organisation runs over 300 travellers’ hostels, hotels, mountain stations and mountain cabins from north to south. The activities of STF are mainly funded through revenue from the accommodation facilities, and through membership fees. The STF Gr...